No safe hands for unsafe weapons

In recent days, a flood of social media platforms have suspended Donald Trump’s accounts – either temporarily or permanently. The reason? The President of the United States is deemed too dangerous to Tweet.

After the deadly attempted coup on the Capitol last week with Trump supporters storming the building, Twitter deemed that there was a risk of ‘further incitement of violence’ and suspended the President’s account indefinitely.

This is a man who is deemed too dangerous to Tweet. But it’s also the man who has sole authority to authorise a nuclear strike from the USA.

There are no legal checks or balances on the President should he decide to press the nuclear button. That’s scary in the hands of someone no longer allowed to even press ‘Tweet’, but it’s also scary that any one person – whoever they are – could have the power to cause a nuclear war.

We believe that there are no safe hands for such unsafe weapons.

If you’re concerned about the precarious way that nuclear weapons protocols are set up in the USA and in the rest of the world (where, very often, the procedures for authorization aren’t too different), there are some actions which you can take.

One is to ask the UK Government to drop its opposition to the  Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and engage more helpfully with states that support this treaty.

Another is to make sure that you’ve written to your bank or pension provider to ask them to stop investing your money in nuclear weapons-producing companies. These companies are propping up the deadly and precarious nuclear weapons system we currently have in place in the UK and globally. Banks and pension funds must now treat nuclear weapons in the same way that they treat other weapons such as cluster munitions and landmines that are also the subject of an international ban. If you don’t want your money involved in weapons of mass destruction, take action now.

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