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Lloyds offer commercial and personal banking and are traditionally one of the ‘Big Four’. Read more about their published ethical investment policy here.

Lloyds do not exclude funding for nuclear weapons components and sites, and only refuse to do nuclear weapons business outside the UK, US, and France.

Lloyds exclude doing business with nuclear weapons producers except for programmes in the US, UK, and France (conveniently, where the vast majority of the nuclear weapons business is located). They do not exclude funding for nuclear weapons components and sites, and only have a very brief statement on the Defence sector on their website.

Don’t think this is good enough? Get in contact with Lloyds to tell them you want them to be more transparent, more ethical, and more comprehensive in their policy on controversial weapons.


Email Lloyds using our template to bring your concerns to their attention.

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@LloydsBank Stop investing in nuclear weapons-producing companies! Restricting direct financing is not enough – real change requires excluding whole companies #InvestingInChange @UKNWFRG

@LloydsBank How will the ratification of the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons affect your business practices? #InvestingInChange @UKNWFRG

@LloydsBank Your customers deserve to know their money is being invested in nuclear weapons-producing companies, please make your policy more clear on your website and consult with your customers on this issue. #InvestingInChange @UKNWFRG

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