Take Action: NatWest (formerly RBS)

In July 2020 the RBS Group rebranded to become NatWest Group. The group includes the following retail banks; NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland, Ulster Bank, Coutts and Isle of Man Bank. Read more about their investments and principles here.

NatWest have some rules around financing nuclear weapons, but still invest millions in nuclear weapons-producing companies.

NatWest has engaged with campaigners and has a policy that excludes financing of nuclear weapons-producing companies in countries outside NATO. They apply enhanced due diligence to companies within NATO countries, but still invest millions in nuclear weapons-producing companies.

Don’t think this is good enough? Get in contact with NatWest to tell them you want them to be more transparent, more ethical, and more comprehensive in their policy on controversial weapons.


Email NatWest using our template to bring your concerns to their attention.

Tweet the NatWest Group

@NatWestGroup Stop investing in nuclear weapons-producing companies! Restricting direct financing is not enough – real change requires excluding whole companies #InvestingInChange @UKNWFRG

@NatWestGroup How will the ratification of the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons affect your business practices? #InvestingInChange @UKNWFRG

@NatWestGroup Nuclear weapons are abhorrent regardless of who uses them. Your investment policies for non-NATO countries should be applied across the board #InvestingInChange @UKNWFRG

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If you’d rather keep it on paper, you can print out, date, sign, and send this letter. Remember to put your own address in the top right corner.

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