One month till DSEI

London-based arms fair Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) is taking place at the ExCeL Centre between 14-17 September 2021.

DSEI features over 1600 exhibitors, with many of the major arms companies from around the world displaying weapons from rifles to warships.

But many companies who exhibit at DSEI are not just involved in the conventional weapons trade. They’re also listed as nuclear weapons-producing companies by Don’t Bank on the Bomb. Nuclear weapons are immoral, indiscriminate, and now illegal under an international treaty.

If you think this is wrong, why not take action? One impactful action to take is to think about where your money is. Many major banks and pension providers invest in these same nuclear weapons-producing companies: take action by writing to yours to ask them to stop investing in these immoral and illegal weapons.

There will also be protests at the ExCeL Centre in London. You can also get involved on social media. We’ve made it really easy to take action online.

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